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 Adidas Soccer Ball

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PostSubject: Adidas Soccer Ball   Adidas Soccer Ball EmptyFri Jul 01, 2011 11:26 pm

<p>Which Adidas soccer ball should you buy?</p><p>Well, it dependsif money is not an issue you should definitely get...</p><p> ...Adidas Roteiro, Peliasor Finale</p><p>But if you cant or simply dont want to spend over $100 on a soccer ball you should buy</p><p>Adidas Roteiro, Pelias or Finale(?!)</p><p>No, I did not make a mistake here.All these balls have their replicas with less technology gadgets for lower, more affordable price and still feature good quality.</p><p>Now, of course, you also have to consider the newest Adidas creation:</p><p> Adidas Teamgeist - 2006 FIFA Official World Cup Match Ball.</p><p> Adidas used the revolutionary 14-panel ball construction, which makes the new Adidas soccer ball, if not the best, certainly the most unique soccer ball on the market.</p><p> Although the Teamgeist is very expensive (about $120), Adidas produced many replicas for more affordable prices. Unfortunately the replica balls are manuctured with traditional 32-panel ball technology (but the look is almost the same).</p><p>Euro 2004The ball created for European Championship in 2004 using new production concept. Special adhesive replaced traditional hand stitching. Some players love itsome hate it. Comes only in size 5.</p><p>Click on the link to learn more.</p><p>Grand StadeHand stitched version of Roteiro Euro 2004. Does it make this ball better than Euro 2004? Comes only in size 5.</p><p>Click on the link to learn more.</p><p>StadeThis is probably the best choice for a practice ball. It is a high quality Adidas soccer ball for very affordable price.Sizes 4 and 5. </p><p>Click on the link to learn more.</p><p>VueloAlmost identical to Roteiro Stade. However it comes in all three sizes. Great choice for all ages. </p><p>Click on the link to learn more.</p><p>Replique and SalaThey are the least expensive of all Roteiro balls and come in all three sizes: 3, 4 and 5.</p><p>Click on the link to learn more.</p><p>Match BallThis Adidas soccer ball is exactly the same like Roteiro Euro 2004 withdifferent design (specially made for European Champions League). Comes only in size 5.</p><p>Click on the link to learn more.</p><p>Match BallAnother Adidas soccer ball that it has same features as Roteiro Euro and Adidas Finale Match Balljust different design.</p><p>Click on the link to learn more.</p><p>Adidas Soccer Balls are among the best. Since 1970 FIFA World Cup in Mexico, Adidas Soccer Ball has been an official ball not only for every World Cup Tournament but also for every major soccer event (i.e. European Championship, Champions League).</p><p><img src=http://www.my-youth-soccer-guide.com/images/adiadidas world cup soccer ball butyldas-ball3.jpg width=75 height=75 /><img src=http://www.my-youth-soccer-guide.com/images/tn_ball2.jpg width=75 height=75 /><img src=http://www.my-youth-soccer-guide.com/images/adidas-ball.jpg width=75 height=75 /><img src=http://www.my-youth-soccer-guide.com/images/tn_ball6.jpg width=75 height=75 /></p><p>Adidas has been consistently introducing new technologies to improve Adidas soccer ball characteristics.</p><p>Adidas Tricolore 1998, France - newly engineered hi-tech syntactic foam layer; the first ball with colors other than black and white</p><p>Adidas Equipment Terrestra Silverstream Euro 2000, Belgium & Holland - Includes a special foam layer with tiny balloons filled with gas distributing the impact of the strike evenly</p><p>Adidas Fevernova 2002, South Korea - ball made up of thicker inner layers to increase the accuracy of the ball in flight.</p><p>Adidas Roteiro Euro 2004, Portugal - thermal bonded panels: a new technology which replaces traditional hand stitching</p><p>Adidas Pelias and Adidas Finale feature similar technology to Adidas Roteiro Lets take a closer look at Adidas soccer balls:</p><p><img src=http://www.my-youth-soccer-guide.com/images/AdidasRoteiroEuro20042.jpg WIDTH=125 HEIGHT=125 /></p><p>Thermal bonded panel edges - Special adhesive replaces traditional hand stitching.</p><p>It creates a smoother, seamless suce for increased accuracy, water resistance and durability.</p><p>Panel design Synthetic PU (Polyurethane-</p><p>a versatile synthetic material; a dense foam) suce material plus highly resilient foam for better ball control and explosive response.</p><p>Innovative carcass technology that adds a layer to hold shape and help maintain the balls round form.</p><p>Inside the balls casing there is a layer of closely compressed micro balloons filled with gas, which distributed the impact of the strike evenly, it precise and giving it a calculable, consistent, and ster flight path. (Used for the first time in Adidas Equipment Terrestra Silverstream).</p><p><img src=http://www.my-youth-soccer-guide.com/images/AdidasRoteiroGrandStade125.jpg WIDTH=125 HEIGHT=125 /></p><p>Panels Hand-Stitched not bonded thermally It is the only difference between Euro 2004 and Grand Stade...</p><p>...and about $50.</p><p>And thats what makes this ball better (in my opinion) than Roteiro Euro 2004.</p><p><img src=http://www.my-youth-soccer-guide.com/images/AdidasStade125.jpg WIDTH=125 HEIGHT=125 /></p><p>Hand-Stitched and does not features Carcass technology.</p><p> Also FIFA Inspected instead FIFA Approved.</p><p>Very soft PU outer layer and high-grade natural</p><p> latex bladder.</p><p>Size: 4 and 5.</p><p>Great value.</p><p>This is probably the best choice for a practice ball (as well as Roteiro Vuelo and Finale Sportivo). It is a high quality Adidas soccer ball for a very affordable price.</p><p><img src=http://www.my-youth-soccer-guide.com/images/AdidasRoteiroVuelo125.jpg WIDTH=125 HEIGHT=125 /></p><p>Almost identical to Roteiro Stade.</p><p> It might have one less inside-layer than Roteiro Stade but certainly you cant feel any difference while playing with it.</p><p><img src=http://www.my-youth-soccer-guide.com/images/AdidasRoteiroReplique125.jpg WIDTH=125 HEIGHT=125 /><img src=http://www.my-youth-soccer-guide.com/images/AdidasRoteiroSala125.jpg WIDTH=125 HEIGHT=125 /></p><p>Both these balls have 32 hand-stitched PU panels with Latex bladder. They contain less inner layers than any Roteiro ball and are not FIFA Approved or Inspected.</p><p>Size: 3, 4 and 5.</p><p>Because these balls are the least expensive of all Roteiro balls, come in all three sizes and have a Latex bladder, both of them are a very good choice for the youngest playersespecially for this price.</p><p><img src=http://www.my-youth-soccer-guide.com/images/AdidasFinaleMatchBall125.jpg WIDTH=125 HEIGHT=125 /></p><p>It was developed based on Adidas Equipment Terrestra Silverstream and Adidas Roteiro technologies.So, it is exactly the same like Roteiro Euro withdifferent design (specially made for European Champions League).</p><p><img src=http://www.my-youth-soccer-guide.com/images/AdidasFinaleSportivo125.jpg WIDTH=125 HEIGHT=125 /></p><p>Same features as Adidas Roteiro Stade makes this Adidas soccer ball the most optimal choice (along with Roteiro Stade and Vuelo) for an every-day practice soccer ball.</p><p><img src=http://www.my-youth-soccer-guide.com/images/AdidasFinaleCapitano125.jpg WIDTH=125 HEIGHT=125 /></p><p>Same as Sportivo but bladder is made of butyl.</p><p>Butyl bladder-makes ball to feel harder and heavier but less expensive and retains the air little longer.</p><p>Comes in all three sizes.</p><p>Click Hereto learn what ctors you should consider while selecting a soccer ball.</p><p><img src=http://www.my-youth-soccer-guide.com/images/AdidasPelias2.jpg WIDTH=125 HEIGHT=125 /></p><p>Another Adidas soccer ball that it has the same features as Roteiro Euro and Adidas Finale Match Balljust different design. </p><p><img src=http://www.my-youth-soccer-guide.com/images/AdidasPeliasReplique2.jpg WIDTH=125 HEIGHT=125 /></p><p>Because this ball has Latex bladder and it is FIFA Inspected, you should consider it as your ultimate selection for soccer balls under $20.</p>
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Adidas Soccer Ball
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