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<p>Bean Media Group Choose Managing Director Of Adidas Greg Kerr For Exclusive Interview In Top Business Publication, The CEO Magazine</p><p>Greg Kerr spoke exclusively with Bean Media Group on the success of adidas and the role that he has played within that success<img src=hadidas brandsttp://www.officialwire.com/userimage/phpkOXTmG.jpg width=153 height=200 /></p><p>Most people say, &lsquo;Stick with what you love and you&rsquo;ll go r&rsquo;. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to work for adidas when your passion is for athletic footwear. For Greg Kerr, this was the case. I joined the adidas Group straight out of university, and really joined them because of my huge passion for athletic footwear, Greg informs. I started out as a territory manager with them, moved on to key accounts manager, then from a national sales manager to a business manager role.</p><p>After 16 years of dedication to the company, Greg Kerr was awarded the role of Managing Director of adidas Area Pacific in July 2008. I simply worked my way to the top, and the environment adidas provided me with, and a strong personal drive, has allowed me to do this, Greg comments. I&rsquo;ve been fortunate enough to work with the adidas Group in South Africa, the United Kingdom, and now Australia. As well as this, I have worked across the adidas brands and the TaylorMade-adidas Golf brands.</p><p>To lead the employees, Greg uses what he calls a Leadership Impact Model, which combines consistency, transparency, empowerment and accountability. It&rsquo;s a model which works really well. If you pull all of those together, you certainly can be a very successful leader, Greg claims.</p><p>When a person reaches this high-level position, most would agree that it is all-consuming. You&rsquo;ve got to take into account what is going on at the coalce on a daily basis, Greg insists. We are witnessing evolution the whole time. As human beings and as businesses, we are actually evolving all the time, so it&rsquo;s those observations that you pick up that could be the key change that may happen in the future.</p><p>In his position, Greg must remain at the forefront of emerging trends and initiatives within the industry. He is key in allowing the flow of innovation to reach all areas of the market, from suppliers to local buyers, to achieve global success. Internationally, our business focuses on innovation at a more macro level; however, my job is really to make sure that we stay abreast with what&rsquo;s happening in the local market and ensure speed to market, Greg highlights.</p><p>Our role in the adidas Group is really about excellence in execution, and my job is to understand and predict the game-changing ctors within the market along the way.</p><p>The full story on adidas can be downloaded here </p><p>Bean Media Group publish Australia&rsquo;s leading business magazine focused directly at high-level executives, The CEO Magazine. Widely-regarded as the leading publication for senior management, The CEO Magazine is of unrivalled quality and has a hugely-influential readership of Australias top businessmen and women.</p><p><img src=http://pr.officialwire.com/images/thumbdown.gif /><img src=http://pr.officialwire.com/images/thumbup.gif /><img src=http://pr.officialwire.com/images/b35.gif /><img src=http://pr.officialwire.com/images/14x14-print.gif /><img src=http://pr.officialwire.com/images/14x14-email.gif /><img src=http://pr.officialwire.com/images/14x14-digg-icon.gif /><img src=http://pr.officialwire.com/images/14x14-permission.gif /><img src=http://pr.officialwire.com/images/xmlarticle.gif /><img src=http://pr.officialwire.com/images/authors/4a3d0dc4811bf499866d4942e7mike.gif /><img src=http://pr.officialwire.com/images/quote-left-red-beige-bg.gif width=11 height=10 /><img src=http://pr.officialwire.com/images/quote-right-red-beige-bg.gif width=11 height=9 /></p><p>This service is provided subject to OfficialWires standard Terms of Service. Please read our Privacy Policy.</p><p>, Give Good PR ?, Be The News...?, The Affordable Business Wire of Choice For PR Professionals ? and The Official PR Newswire ? are trademarks owned by CPM Partnership OfficialWire, ISSN: 1550-1531, is continuously published by Digital Millennium Copyright Act Notice/Copyright Directive (DMCA/EUCD)</p>
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