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 Love shoes cheng fang

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PostSubject: Love shoes cheng fang   Love shoes cheng fang EmptyThu May 19, 2011 4:21 am

We are poor, poor get only love.wholesale Nike

I and qingping childhood friends, lived in a village QianHouYuan, junior high school graduation work we will come out. Seventeen years old youth, their peers in the quiet child on the campus of reading, in the cinema to see the new pat blockbuster, in the park, but we can only love in this city. The bottom betray drudge Two burden are very heavy, we need to make money for the family. I am in a noisy hotel when the waiter, carry dishes, wash the vegetables, brush a bowl, what all dry. During the day, night when industry sending water qingping market gives a person to a discharge, because markets brought vegetables in the truck at four o 'clock at night, so three qingping night minutes drive to get up two went to markets.

That time we exhausted every day and not to attend to love, our love can be silent hid in the heart, exists in each other's eyes.

In a few years, we finally humbler sihuan outside rent a Beijing bungalow, settle down. I in homemaking company do hour Labour qingping rerouted, as a liquor salesman, no longer go out at night. Because the north's winter is very cold, unheated qingping pokey bungalows, only I tightly in the bosom give me warm hug. In order to sell wine, get more of commission, PeiJiu qingping often go to people, drunk and very late. But no matter when he will come back, I will wait for him, to give him later handed over a bowl of warm white porridge, this is the only thing I can think of something nourishes the wine.

Sometimes he will also came back early, we will go to the nearby for a walk hand in hand. Most go is a kang nelly shops, leather shoes, and heating storefront clean beautiful, very warm, store inside put with all kinds of style of leather shoes, those shoes look so beautiful, comfortable, easy. Every time we seriously browsing, fantasizing own wear shoes of appearance, but they are very expensive, the cheapest also we can't afford it.

Once I to say, look, qingping of those red paint set auger high shoes with, is this year's most popular style, I do the elder sister wore hour Labour is. She has a roomful of kang nelly, she says this brand leather shoes most comfortable.

Those red leather shoes silently lay there, appear luxuriant and nobility. Qingping gingerly fetch me down, want me to try it. I screen the sound static gas foot, foot touches stretch into the soft leather us.so, it is a kind of great enjoy, I suddenly felt like a princess. But I still be reluctant to take off down, the label, and we even 8.05 58.4 shoes are not willing to buy.

I see the qingping eyes flashed the sting and I comfort him, it doesn't matter, I wear shoes accustomed to wear leather shoes won't walk. Can I make a career to think about in my heart, I quietly saw a discount processing men's shoes, to 198 yuan, is this store the cheapest one pair of shoes, can seem very comfortable and easy. Qingping salesman, need a pair of good shoes ChengMenMian.

On Christmas day, I quietly bought shoes, etc him back and want to give him a surprise. Can I waited for a long time, the food hot several times, qingping had not come back yet, not pick up the phone. The house was very cold, twelve, Christmas bell rang, I spirit into tears holodecks nasty. For the money even wife all don't? Where to? Until night two more minutes, liquor, qingping gushed ended just come back, his mouth still hum a tune. I go up and then beat him: die where have you been? Drink everyday, drink, drink dead you just good!Wholesale Nike Air Jordan

But he smiled, told me that he PeiJiu today with good, drank more than 2 jins, restaurant owners moved the liquor, and immediately bought him 20 cases of liquor. He got $500 commission, bought me a thing Christmas gifts. Say that finish a box slips me like mud as fall to the ground.

I opened the box, kangnai shops those red set auger coat of leather shoes.Wholesale Nike Air Max

He said, my wife, I know you like, I just drink die, will give the leather shoes bought you.

I was in tears, hug on the qingping arms. Although we are poor, nothing, we don't have any luxury items, even without a belong to our house, we have love is enough.

I will bring love shoes cheng fang, I believe it can never be our love insulation, it is two pairs of comfortable beautiful kang nelly leather shoes.
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Love shoes cheng fang
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