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 Types Of Gold Jewelry You Can Sell For Cash_113

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Types Of Gold Jewelry You Can Sell For Cash_113 Empty
PostSubject: Types Of Gold Jewelry You Can Sell For Cash_113   Types Of Gold Jewelry You Can Sell For Cash_113 EmptyThu Aug 04, 2011 5:57 am

Types Of Gold Jewelry You Can Sell For Cash

If you are considering selling gold items or old gold jewelry, it may help you if you know a little about the different types of gold. You may have gold and not be aware of it or have pieces you believe are gold that are not. Items that are real gold will have an inscription stating they are 14K gold, 12K or 10K, although the standard abroad is 18K gold. Make sure you do not mistake gold plated items for solid gold items, whether it's jewelry or other items. Gold plated will be labeled as such, often as GP.Gold can be either yellow gold or white gold. Yellow gold is just like its name. White gold is silver in color with a touch of yellow blended in. If a piece of jewelry is palladium white gold, it's more gray or silver in color. Gold that is used for jewelry may be milled in a subtle shade of red, which is called rose or shades of green. The shading in green gold is very similar to 14K yellow gold only with a light green cast. Red gold has the appearance of copper that has been brightly polished, but it will not tarnish like copper.Although many think of platinum as a gold, it is not gold, but rather a very precious metal that is heavier than gold. A very strong metal, such as platinum, is very popular for fine jewelry. You can also sell platinum jewelry if you have pieces you don't use or want. Although, many people occasionally confuse sterling silver with gold, it is not gold. It is a silvery white metal that is much more affordable than gold.High school rings are often the first type of jewelry that people will consider selling. Once they're out of school, the ring often is put away, never to be worn again. If you're looking for jewelry to sell, school rings can be sold just like any other used jewelry you may have.Dental gold is also another type of gold that many people forget about. Although it is not quite as common these days, many people still have gold caps or fillings that might fall out or need replacing. If you have any dental gold don't just throw it away, instead sell it for a good bit of cash.Now of course the big question is how much you can actually get for your gold. But the answer isn't quite as straightforward. The value of gold changes constantly so it depends on when you decide to sell. But it also depends on how much your selling and how many karats the gold contains. Gold buyers only pay for the gold and don't consider and craftsmanship or resale value. And all these factors can vary quite a bit piece to piece. So in the end you just have to find a gold refiner or dealer who will pay more than the others.

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Types Of Gold Jewelry You Can Sell For Cash_113
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